Coffee into Theorems

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006

Yeah, so I lost yet another round to my great nemesis, Procrastination. Over the past year, I kept thinking, "I should write that in my journal. People might want to hear about that." Immediately, these thoughts would be followed by, "But I really should finish my Israel report before writing about other stuff." So, as usual, I wrote nothing. Nearly a year went by, and my few readers had to rely upon rushed e-mails, awkward phone calls, and rare in-person conversation to hear about all the adventures of buying a new house, moving across the country to a small town with my incredibly patient and tolerant Kira, getting kicked out of the math program at Indiana University, successfully appealing the termination, and adopting a dog from the animal shelter. Life has a way of going on even when nobody is keeping track.

In an attempt not to make the same mistakes I made last time, I will not attempt to do any sort of recap of the events of the past year (other what I've already done in the previous paragraph.) I just wanted to wipe the slate clean to free myself from my unfinished-Israel-blog fetters and allow myself the opportunity to occasionally share some of my thoughts on my own website again. I don't even have that much else to say in this particular entry, except to point you to the blog that Kira and I started recently, in which we eat at every restaurant in Bloomington in alphabetical order. Check it out, and let me know what you think.