Quick and Dirty Little Stories

I have a friend (you should check out her homepage, it's much better than mine) from whom I stole this idea. The concept is to get me working on projects by tackling small, one-sitting tasks and getting them done just to get the thrill of completeness. Of course, she does it with pictures. I do it with stories. Each of these stories will be written and conceived entirely in one sitting. They will likely be very short, and not necessarily any good. To keep myself from pondering ideas beforehand, I ask for a title of the story from a friend right before I sit down to write it. After a few minutes of planning, I start writing. I might do a little back-editting to make sure the story holds together, but everything (with the possible exception of spell-checking) must be done in one sitting. Feedback is always appreciated (hc(at)qrivy(dot)net is a good place to send it). I'm mostly doing this to build motivation for bigger projects, so if nobody peeps, it might not work.